What to wear for an October Wedding

What to wear for an October Wedding

The Magic of October: Setting the Scene for the Perfect Wedding Outfit

October weddings are nothing short of enchanting. With the backdrop of fallen leaves, crisp air, and golden hues, it's no wonder couples choose this romantic month for their special day. Autumn embodies the fairy tale setting for blooming love, making it an ideal time for wedding festivities.

While the warmer months of May to August are traditionally favoured for weddings, September and October have seen a surge in popularity. As guests, this transitional season poses a slight challenge: striking the balance between staying warm and looking chic. Let's dive into the key factors that will guide your October wedding attire choice.

Fabric Choices: The Delicate Balance of Comfort and Elegance

Autumn weddings allow for experimentation with a diverse range of fabrics. Jacquard, known for its intricate patterns and heavier weight, is an excellent choice for those chillier October days. On the other hand, silk remains timeless, offering a touch of luxury and class, regardless of the season. Whether you're drawn to the gloss of satin or the sophistication of chiffon, ensure your chosen fabric complements the overall tone of the wedding.

If you're gravitating towards mini dresses, organza is your go-to fabric. With its light, airy feel and formal appeal, pairing it with sheer tights and heeled Mary Janes will undoubtedly turn heads. And for those looking for a bold statement, don't shy away from brighter hues like lime green. After all, fashion is about expression, and weddings are the perfect occasion to showcase your unique style.

Colour Palette: Embracing the Richness of Autumn

While pale pink and blue florals may dominate spring and summer weddings, October calls for deeper, moodier shades. Think darker blooms, which not only capture the essence of autumn but also exude an unmatched romantic charm. Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby, inspired by the season's natural palette, can add richness to your outfit. If you're in the mood for something more subdued, go for neutral tones like camel, sand, or rust.

And if you've been wondering whether black is an appropriate choice for a wedding - yes, you can absolutely wear black! Paired with the right accessories, a sophisticated black outfit can be both elegant and festive.

October Wedding Clutch Bag

Accessorising Right: Elevating Your Outfit

Once you've chosen your outfit, the right accessories can amplify your overall look. For shoes, metallic sandals or sleek heels in deep tones are always a stylish choice for October weddings. And as the temperature drops, ensure you're not left shivering during those outdoor photo sessions. A chic jacket or wrap can be both functional and fashionable. For instance, pairing a leather jacket with a formal dress can lend an edgy twist to an otherwise classic look.

Handbags, especially those with sequins, can be a fun addition to your outfit. A sequined clutch can be both functional and a statement piece, perfect for evening weddings. And let's not forget jewellery - whether you prefer minimalist pieces or bold, statement jewellery, ensure it complements your outfit's tone and style. You can find the perfect pairing at Boutique on the Green.

October weddings are a magical blend of romance and warmth, making them a favourite for many. As a guest, your outfit should not only respect the wedding's tone but also capture the essence of this beautiful season. By considering factors like fabric, colour, and accessories, you can effortlessly strike a balance between comfort and style. So, as the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, embrace the magic of October, and let it inspire your perfect wedding outfit.

Fall's Fascinating Fabric Choices

One of the key considerations for dressing in October is the type of fabric. As the days get cooler, certain materials not only offer warmth but elevate your look. When picking an ensemble for an October wedding, remember that the season calls for textures and fabrics that blend both comfort and style.

Silk: Timeless and elegant, silk remains a staple for any wedding guest outfit. During autumn, its soft and luxurious feel is apt for the mood, providing warmth without sacrificing style. Choose a dress in a rich, seasonal hue and accentuate it with matching heels from a collection that caters to the autumn vibes.

Velvet: When we talk about embodying the spirit of autumn, few fabrics come as close as velvet. It exudes a sort of opulence that's perfect for this time of year. Darker shades like emerald, plum, and midnight blue in velvet are particularly fetching for October weddings.

Jacquard: With its intricate patterns and slight sheen, jacquard is a fabric that speaks of sophistication. As mentioned earlier, "Jacquard is to autumn as chiffon is to summer." Indeed, this slightly heavier fabric is a reliable choice for October nuptials, ensuring you're neither too cold nor underdressed.

Chiffon: While typically associated with summer, chiffon can be dressed up for fall, especially in deeper, moodier tones. This lightweight fabric pairs wonderfully with autumnal accessories, giving it the weight and warmth required for an October wedding.

Speaking of accessories, don't hold back on the glamour. While you're selecting your outfit, make sure to browse through a variety of eye-catching clutch bags, shimmery fascinators, and other complements that can enhance your look. The autumn season gives you the freedom to be a bit more opulent with your choices, from sparkly bags for an evening do to statement earrings that contrast beautifully with darker dresses.

Remember, October weddings bring together the beauty of fall with the joy of marital celebrations. Your outfit should reflect that - combining seasonal appropriateness with the elegance required of such a grand occasion. And when in doubt, turning to trusted fashion boutiques, like the one we've linked, can offer a plethora of options tailored for the season.

Stay tuned for our next segment where we dive into the Do's and Don'ts for an October wedding attire. From color palettes to the minutiae of accessory choices, we'll ensure you're more than prepared for the big day.

Do's and Don'ts of October Wedding Attire

An October wedding, with its autumnal charm and elegance, requires a certain level of thoughtfulness when selecting your attire. Here, we break down the Do's and Don'ts, ensuring you not only look stunning but also resonate with the mood of the season.


  • Embrace Earthy Tones: Think burnt oranges, deep burgundies, rich browns, and forest greens. These colors are not only trendy but harmonize perfectly with October’s natural backdrop.
  • Layer Up: Given the unpredictable nature of October weather, layering can be your best friend. A stylish shawl or a sophisticated coat that complements your outfit can make a world of difference.
  • Opt for Closed-Toed Shoes: While peep-toes are lovely, October's chilly winds suggest opting for closed-toed options. They offer comfort and can be just as stylish.
  • Accessorise Thoughtfully: Whether it's a brooch reminiscent of autumn leaves or earrings with amber tones, select accessories that resonate with the season.


  • Overdo Summer Pastels: While pastels are beautiful, they're more suited to spring and summer. Instead, opt for deeper, richer hues or neutral tones.
  • Underestimate Weather: Even if the day starts off warm, October evenings can get quite chilly. Always come prepared with an extra layer.
  • Wear Overly Casual Footwear: Sandals or casual flats might feel out of place at an October wedding. Instead, choose shoes that align with the overall formality of the occasion.
  • Ignore the Wedding Theme: Always consider the theme or setting of the wedding. A barn wedding might allow for more rustic touches, while a grand ballroom event demands a bit more glamour.

In summary, the key to nailing your October wedding attire lies in balancing seasonal appropriateness with the formality and theme of the event. Ensure you're comfortable, and remember, when dressed confidently and in harmony with the season, you're bound to make a lasting impression.

Coming up next, we explore the world of men's fashion for October weddings. From suave suits to the perfect tie, we've got the gentlemen covered. Stay tuned!

Men's Fashion Guide: October Wedding Edition

For men, an October wedding can be a wonderful opportunity to step out of the conventional black suit mold and experiment with colors, textures, and layers that befit the season. Here’s a guide tailored to ensure every man stands out while still fitting in.

1. Embrace Seasonal Colors:

Shift from the summer's light and breezy tones to the more grounded and warm palette of autumn. Charcoal gray, deep navy, and various shades of brown or olive can be stellar choices. Consider a rich burgundy or forest green tie or pocket square to add a pop of autumn color.

2. Play with Textures:

October weddings are the perfect occasion to experiment with textured materials. Tweed, wool, and flannel suits can be both visually appealing and practical for the cooler temperatures.

3. Opt for Classic Footwear:

Oxfords, brogues, or leather boots can complement your autumnal ensemble perfectly. Again, think of richer, darker tones like mahogany, chestnut, or black.

4. Layer Smartly:

If the wedding is outdoors, consider adding a waistcoat to your ensemble. Not only does it elevate the formality of your attire, but it also provides an extra layer against the chilly breeze. For an added touch, a tailored overcoat can make a strong statement.

5. Accessorise:

Tie bars, cufflinks, and wristwatches can add subtle elegance to your outfit. Given the season, consider leather or metal finishes that echo the autumn mood.

6. Mind the Fit:

No matter the season, a well-fitted suit is key. Ensure that the suit jacket, trousers, and shirts are tailored to perfection. This not only boosts confidence but also ensures comfort during the wedding festivities.

In essence, October weddings present a unique blend of elegance and warmth, allowing men to venture beyond the traditional while still honoring the gravity of the occasion. Keep the season in mind, prioritize comfort, and wear your ensemble with confidence.

Up next, the spotlight shifts to the younger attendees. From flower girls to ring bearers, we delve into how to dress the little ones for an October wedding. Keep reading!

What to wear to an October wedding

Dressing the Little Ones: October Wedding Edition

When it comes to an October wedding, dressing the younger members of the bridal party—like flower girls and ring bearers—requires a balance of style, comfort, and practicality. Here are some tips to ensure the young attendees shine while staying cozy.

1. Keep Warmth in Mind:

As temperatures start to drop in October, ensure that the little ones are dressed warmly. Think about adding layers like cardigans, boleros, or even cute jackets for flower girls. For boys, vests or sweaters can be stylish yet warm alternatives.

2. Seasonal Colors and Fabrics:

Opt for dresses in rich autumnal colors like gold, burgundy, deep oranges, or forest greens. Velvet, corduroy, and thicker cotton blends are great fabric choices for both dresses and suits, offering comfort and warmth.

3. Practical Footwear:

Kids need to be comfortable, especially if they have roles during the ceremony. Choose shoes that are both stylish and functional. Ballet flats with a bit of grip or soft leather shoes can be ideal choices.

4. Accessorise Thoughtfully:

Headbands, bows, and cute hats can be wonderful accessories for flower girls. Consider seasonal motifs like leaves or small pumpkins. For the ring bearers, a cute bow tie or suspenders can add a touch of charm to their look.

5. Keep It Simple:

Remember, kids will be kids. It's essential to keep their outfits not too cumbersome, allowing them to move freely. Avoid long trains or overly elaborate headpieces that might cause discomfort or distractions.

6. Backup Outfits:

Given the playful nature of children, it might be a good idea to have a backup outfit, especially for very young attendees. This ensures they remain presentable throughout the festivities, even after potential spills or playful romps.

In all the preparations, it's essential to involve the little ones in the choice of their outfits, ensuring they feel special and excited for the big day. By combining style with comfort, the young members of the bridal party will not only look adorable but also enjoy the celebration without any hitches.

Coming up next, tips and tricks on creating a memorable October wedding ambiance. From decorations to music, dive deep into setting the perfect autumnal mood. Stay tuned!

Setting the Scene: Crafting the Ideal October Wedding Ambiance

An October wedding brings with it a distinctive charm, embodying the richness of autumn colors and the coziness of the approaching winter. To perfectly capture this essence, here's how you can create the ultimate ambiance for your special day.

1. Embrace Nature's Palette:

Draw inspiration from the beautiful autumnal hues around you. Decorate your venue with deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and rich browns. Use real leaves, gourds, and pumpkins to infuse a genuine touch of fall into your décor.

2. Light It Up:

As evenings grow darker sooner, lighting becomes paramount. Incorporate soft fairy lights, lanterns, and candles to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Consider adding fire pits or heaters in outdoor areas to ensure guests remain cozy.

3. Rustic Elements:

Rustic themes complement October weddings perfectly. Utilize materials like burlap, wood, and twine in your decorations. Wooden signage, barrels as tables, and hay bale seating can enhance that countryside charm.

4. Seasonal Florals:

Opt for flowers that are in season during October. Chrysanthemums, asters, and dahlias can add vibrancy to your wedding decor. Don't forget to include elements like pine cones, berries, and dried leaves to complete the autumn feel.

5. Cozy Comforts:

Treat your guests to cozy comforts. Consider having a hot cocoa or cider station, offering blankets or shawls for chillier moments, and serving hearty, warming dishes as part of your menu.

6. Melodic Autumnal Vibes:

The music you choose can help set the autumnal mood. Opt for tracks that have a warm, nostalgic, and cozy feel. From acoustic versions of popular songs to jazz standards, ensure your playlist encapsulates the spirit of the season.

An October wedding is a magical occasion, bringing together the elegance of a ceremonial union and the unparalleled beauty of autumn. By weaving in these suggestions, you're sure to create a day that's both memorable and steeped in the heartwarming ambiance of the season.

Up next, we'll delve into capturing these precious moments. Discover the essentials of choosing a wedding photographer who can document your October wedding in all its glory. Stay connected!

Documenting the Moments: Selecting an October Wedding Photographer

An October wedding, with its vibrant colors and cozy ambiance, offers a picturesque setting. Capturing these fleeting moments requires a photographer who understands the uniqueness of an autumnal wedding. Here's how to choose the right one.

1. Portfolio Review:

Before settling on a photographer, review their portfolio, specifically for autumn weddings. This will give you an insight into their ability to capture the essence and colors of the season.

2. Experience with Natural Lighting:

With the days growing shorter in October, it's essential to have a photographer experienced in utilizing natural lighting. This ensures that your photos capture the warm and soft light characteristic of fall.

3. Familiarity with Outdoor Settings:

If you're planning an outdoor wedding or photo session, your photographer should be comfortable with outdoor shoots and the challenges they present, such as changing weather conditions.

4. Testimonials and References:

A good photographer will always come highly recommended. Check for client testimonials and ask for references to get firsthand feedback on their professionalism, creativity, and reliability.

5. Personality Match:

Your wedding photographer will be with you throughout your special day. It's crucial to choose someone you feel comfortable with, whose style and demeanor match your own.

6. Clear Communication:

Ensure your potential photographer is open to suggestions, understands your vision, and communicates clearly about timelines, photo packages, and post-processing details.

Your wedding photos will serve as timeless reminders of your special day. Investing time and thought into selecting the right photographer for your October wedding guarantees you'll have images you cherish for a lifetime.

Coming up next, we'll guide you through crafting a memorable menu that resonates with the season. Dive into delicious dishes that'll make your October wedding unforgettable. Stay tuned!

Crafting a Memorable October Wedding Menu

The culmination of any wedding experience, aside from the couple's vows, often revolves around the dining table. As the leaves begin to change, an October wedding presents a unique opportunity to introduce a menu that resonates with the season's abundance. Here's how to craft a menu that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

1. Embrace Seasonal Ingredients:

Autumn ushers in a plethora of fresh produce. From pumpkins, squashes, to apples and pears, incorporating these into your dishes ensures freshness and flavor. Think pumpkin soup starters or apple-cider braised short ribs.

2. Warm and Cozy Beverages:

As the temperature drops, warm beverages can comfort your guests. Spice up your drink menu with hot apple cider, mulled wine, or pumpkin-spiced lattes. Consider a cocoa bar for a delightful twist!

3. Heartwarming Entrées:

Focus on dishes that give a sense of warmth. Braised meats, creamy risottos, and roasted vegetables are not only hearty but perfectly align with the season's feel.

4. Desserts with a Twist:

Move beyond the traditional. Consider serving individual pumpkin pies, apple tarts, or pecan brownies. And, don't forget a decadent caramel dipping station for those freshly picked apples.

5. Consider Dietary Preferences:

Today's dining landscape is diverse. Make sure to include gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options to cater to all guests. An autumnal vegetable stew or mushroom risotto can be both inclusive and flavorful.

6. Personal Touches:

Personalize your menu by adding dishes that have significance to you and your partner. Whether it's a family recipe or a dish from your first date, adding a personal touch makes your menu even more special.

Creating a menu that mirrors the essence of October ensures not just satiated palates but also heartwarming memories. As you and your guests savor each bite, the flavors will forever be etched as a delightful part of your wedding story.

Thank you for journeying with us through the intricacies of an October wedding. From what to wear to crafting the perfect menu, we hope this guide aids in making your special day unforgettable. For more insights and trends, continue exploring our collections and articles.

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