Women in fashion - An interview with Katie Oldknow

Introducing Katie Oldknow: The Style Behind Boutique on the Green

In the heart of Manchester lies a fashion haven that stands out not just for its exquisite collection but also for its dedication to a specific demographic – women over 40. Boutique on the Green, a brainchild of Katie Oldknow, has become synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and style that speaks to the mature woman.

Katie, a vibrant personality with an eye for detail, isn’t just a boutique owner; she's a trendsetter and visionary. Her passion for fashion began at a young age, with memories of her sifting through her mother’s closet, marveling at the textures and patterns, and understanding the transformative power of a well-chosen outfit. Over the years, this passion matured, much like a fine wine, leading her to identify a niche that was yearning for attention: fashion for women over 40.

"For too long, the fashion industry has been centered around the youth," Katie remarks, "but age brings a certain poise and confidence that is unmatched. Boutique on the Green was born from the desire to cater to this segment, to provide them with fashion that is both trendy and timeless."

The name itself – Boutique on the Green – is reminiscent of leisurely afternoons, a sense of calm, and a touch of nature; something that Katie feels is integral to her brand's identity. "It’s not just about selling clothes," she says, "It’s about creating an experience, a sense of belonging."

As our conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that Katie Oldknow isn’t just running a business; she's nurturing a community, empowering women to embrace their age and wear it with pride. This ethos, combined with her unparalleled fashion sense, has positioned Boutique on the Green as a must-visit fashion destination in Manchester.

As we delve deeper into the world of women’s fashion, especially focusing on those over 40, Katie’s insights promise to be both enlightening and inspiring.

2. The Over-40 Fashion Revolution: Breaking Stereotypes

Navigating the bustling aisles of Boutique on the Green, one can't help but notice the careful curation of each piece. The selections aren't just fashionable; they're a statement, a testament to Katie's belief that age is just a number.

When asked about the prevalent stereotypes surrounding fashion for women over 40, Katie's face lights up with a blend of passion and determination. "There's this misconception," she begins, "that after a certain age, women should only gravitate towards certain 'appropriate' styles. But why should fashion have an age limit?"

Katie firmly believes in breaking these age-old myths. At Boutique on the Green, she ensures that the collections represent a fusion of classic and contemporary. She emphasizes the importance of clothing that complements a woman's evolving style while still allowing her to experiment and take risks.

Discussing the challenges faced by women over 40 in finding stylish yet comfortable clothing, Katie shares, "It's a delicate balance. The modern woman over 40 juggles multiple roles – she's a professional, a mother, a partner, and so much more. Her clothing needs to resonate with her multifaceted life."

One of Katie's primary goals is to redefine 'age-appropriate' fashion. She urges women to embrace bold colors, unconventional patterns, and even the occasional glitter if it makes them feel good. "Fashion is an extension of one's personality," Katie says, "It shouldn't be restricted by societal expectations."

To that end, Boutique on the Green often hosts workshops and fashion shows, showcasing the versatility of their collections. These events serve as platforms where women can exchange ideas, get inspired, and most importantly, celebrate their individuality.

"Every woman has a unique story," Katie concludes, "and her wardrobe should be a reflection of that. Age should empower her fashion choices, not confine them."


3. Decoding the Core Values: Sustainability and Timelessness

Stepping further into Boutique on the Green, the attentive shopper might discern more than just stylish ensembles. There’s a deeper narrative threaded into every fabric, every cut, every accessory. A narrative that Katie Oldknow proudly endorses: the ethos of sustainability and the beauty of timelessness.

"In today's fast fashion era," Katie reflects, "it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of fleeting trends. But we need to ask ourselves: at what cost?" She’s deeply concerned about the environmental and ethical implications of fast fashion, particularly when it targets the over-40 demographic with disposable, short-lived trends.

Boutique on the Green stands out as a beacon for sustainable fashion. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to collaborating with brands that uphold ethical manufacturing practices, Katie is determined to make a difference. "We have a responsibility," she emphasizes, "not just to our customers but to the planet. Sustainable fashion isn't a buzzword here; it's a commitment."

Yet, sustainability for Katie isn't only about eco-conscious choices. It's interwoven with the concept of timelessness. She believes that for the over-40 woman, investing in timeless pieces that can be versatilely styled and worn for years to come is the real essence of sustainable fashion.

"Our selections are carefully curated for their longevity, both in terms of style and durability," Katie explains. Classic cuts, neutral palettes interspersed with vibrant hues, and quality fabrics dominate the store's racks.

By promoting timelessness, Katie isn't just championing sustainability; she's also empowering her clientele. "When a woman invests in a timeless piece, she's making a statement. She's saying, 'This is who I am, and my style isn't dictated by the changing whims of the fashion world.'"

Katie's dedication to these core values doesn't just shape the boutique's collections; it's resonating with her customers too. Many express gratitude for the guidance in building a wardrobe that's both stylish and meaningful, reflective of their journey and considerate of the world around them.


4. Personalized Fashion Guidance: Serving the Over-40 Woman

As you walk through the meticulously arranged displays of Boutique on the Green, one thing becomes clear: Katie Oldknow isn't merely selling clothes. She's offering a personalized fashion experience tailored to the discerning tastes of the over-40 woman.

"I often feel the fashion industry overlooks the needs of women as they age," Katie admits. "There's a misconception that as women grow older, they lose interest in fashion or that there's a predefined 'mature' style they should adhere to."

But Katie is keen on challenging these stereotypes. Through her boutique, she provides an array of choices that allow her customers to express their unique style, whether that’s vibrant and bold, refined and classic, or anywhere in between.

The Boutique on the Green experience goes beyond browsing racks. "It's about consultation," Katie says. She spends ample time with each customer, understanding their personal style journey, preferences, and the gaps they're looking to fill in their wardrobe. It's not just about selling a piece of clothing, but about ensuring that every purchase enhances the customer's self-expression and confidence.

"There's a story behind every purchase," Katie reflects. She recalls countless times when a client has shared heartfelt stories – about the confidence boost they felt wearing a particular dress to a special event, or the compliments they received on a unique accessory they wouldn’t have picked out on their own.

"For the over-40 woman, fashion isn't about keeping up with the latest trends," Katie observes. "It's about feeling good in what you wear and knowing it's a reflection of who you are at this stage of your life."

Katie's approach to serving the over-40 woman has fostered deep loyalty among her clientele. Many customers see Boutique on the Green as more than just a shop; it's a community where they can discuss fashion, share stories, and even provide feedback on upcoming collections.

With an ear always to the ground and a keen understanding of her audience, Katie Oldknow is redefining what it means to cater to the fashion needs of the over-40 woman, making Boutique on the Green an indispensable part of their wardrobe.


5. Celebrating Icons: Influential Fashion Figures for the Over-40 Set

When discussing inspirations behind the curated collections of Boutique on the Green, Katie's eyes light up. "Fashion has always been about drawing from the past, interpreting the present, and looking forward to the future," she muses.

For the over-40 woman, there are many iconic figures who've broken the age barriers in the fashion world, proving style knows no age limit. Katie is quick to list several fashion luminaries she feels resonate with her audience.

"Take Cate Blanchett, for instance," Katie begins. "Her ability to merge timeless elegance with modern edginess is unparalleled. She never shies away from making a statement, yet every choice feels authentically hers."

Another muse for many of Katie's clientele is Helen Mirren. "Helen has this wonderful ability to blend sophistication with a playful twist. Whether she's in a ball gown or a biker jacket, she exudes confidence and poise."

The world of fashion has no shortage of age-defying icons. From Meryl Streep's classic New Yorker vibe to Julianne Moore's seamless blend of bohemian and chic, there are plenty of women who prove that the over-40 demographic is not just vibrant but also incredibly influential in the fashion world.

But it's not just celebrities that inspire Katie's collections. "There's so much to draw from everyday women," she says. She recounts tales of women who've walked into her store, their personal styles speaking volumes about their life stories and experiences. "Every woman is an icon in her own right. My role is to provide the canvas and tools for them to paint their unique fashion stories."

Drawing inspiration from both the global icons and the everyday heroes of fashion, Katie ensures that Boutique on the Green is a haven for women seeking to express themselves, drawing from the past and present to create their fashion-forward future.


6. Beyond Trends: Timeless Staples Every Over-40 Woman Should Own

"It's not always about the latest trends," Katie says with a knowing smile. At Boutique on the Green, the emphasis is not just on what's currently in vogue, but also on those classic pieces that can elevate any wardrobe.

For women over 40, investing in timeless staples is crucial. "As we mature, our style often evolves to reflect a deeper understanding of who we are. The pieces we choose should be versatile, enduring, and above all, make us feel confident," Katie asserts.

The Classic White Shirt: "Starting with the basics, a crisp white shirt is an absolute must. It can be dressed up or down, working seamlessly from a business meeting to a casual brunch."

The Perfectly-Fitted Blazer: Katie believes a tailored blazer can instantly uplift any outfit. "Whether it's paired with jeans, slacks, or even a dress, a blazer adds an element of structured sophistication."

A Flattering Pair of Jeans: While denim trends come and go, a pair of well-fitted jeans in a timeless cut can be a game-changer. "I always advise my clients to find a silhouette that flatters their body shape. It's an investment that pays off every time you wear them."

The Little Black Dress (LBD): "An LBD is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement. It's about feeling powerful, elegant, and ready for any occasion."

Statement Accessories: While clothing is central, Katie emphasizes the importance of accessories. "A statement necklace, a classic watch, or even a bold scarf can transform your look. Accessories are where you can truly let your personality shine."

Comfortable, Chic Footwear: "Shoes can make or break an outfit," Katie notes. "It's essential to have a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes, whether they're heels, flats, or boots."

Katie's philosophy is clear: It's not about chasing every fleeting trend. It's about curating a wardrobe that stands the test of time, one that's filled with pieces that make you feel your best, no matter the occasion. At Boutique on the Green, they're not just selling clothes; they're helping women build a timeless style legacy.


7. Addressing the Over-40 Fashion Myths: Katie's Take on Age-Related Style

Katie leans in, her passion evident, "There are so many misconceptions when it comes to fashion for women over 40. I've heard them all, and let's just say, I'm here to debunk them."

Myth 1: "Certain Colors Are Off-Limits:" "Who says women over 40 can't wear bold colors or pastels? Every color can be worn beautifully, regardless of age. It's all about finding the right shade that complements your skin tone and wearing it confidently."

Myth 2: "Mini Skirts Are a No-No:" Katie chuckles, "Age shouldn't define the length of your skirt. If you feel great in a mini, rock it! What's vital is that you feel comfortable and authentic in what you wear."

Myth 3: "Avoid Patterns and Prints:" "Patterns can be a fantastic way to add vibrancy to an outfit. Whether it's floral, stripes, or abstract designs, patterns have a place in every woman's wardrobe."

Myth 4: "Stick to Loose-Fitting Clothes:" "While comfort is essential, that doesn't mean you have to drown in oversized garments. Tailored, well-fitted clothes can be both comfortable and flattering."

Myth 5: "Heels Are Impractical:" "While stilettos might not be for everyone, there are countless comfortable and stylish heels that offer support and style. And if heels aren't your thing, that's perfectly fine too. The key is finding footwear that you love and that loves you back."

Katie is a firm believer in breaking the so-called 'rules' of fashion. "At the end of the day, fashion is a form of self-expression. It's about how you feel in what you wear, not adhering to some arbitrary set of guidelines."

She pauses, reflecting, "My mission at Boutique on the Green is to empower women to wear what makes them happy, to choose pieces that resonate with their personal style, and to disregard these outdated myths. Fashion is a journey, and every woman deserves to walk it her way.’


8. Embracing Change: The Evolution of Fashion and Personal Style

As the years roll by, our personal style often undergoes an evolution, influenced by changing tastes, lifestyle, and body shape. Katie's years in the fashion industry have given her unique insights into this journey. "Fashion is fluid," she begins, "and what worked for someone in their 20s might not resonate the same way in their 40s and beyond. But that's the beauty of it."

Adapting to Lifestyle Changes: "Over time, women might transition from bustling corporate environments to entrepreneurial ventures, or perhaps into semi-retirement. Each phase brings its own fashion requirements. It's about balancing style with functionality."

Understanding Body Transformations: "Our bodies change, and that's a natural part of life. Embracing those changes and adapting our wardrobe choices is a way of honoring ourselves. It's not about hiding perceived 'flaws', but celebrating who we are at every stage."

Rediscovering Personal Style: Katie stresses the importance of periodic self-reflection. "It's beneficial to take a step back every so often, re-evaluate our fashion choices, and ask ourselves: 'Does this still resonate with who I am today?'"

Fashion Beyond Trends: "While it's great to incorporate current trends, the essence of fashion for women over 40, in my opinion, is about timeless elegance combined with personal touches that make a statement."

Katie's eyes sparkle with conviction as she concludes this section. "The 40s and beyond are a magnificent time of rediscovery. It's an era where women can truly come into their own, shedding any societal expectations and embracing their authentic selves. And their wardrobe should be a testament to that journey."

9. Ethical Choices: Boutique on the Green's Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

In an era where fast fashion is ubiquitous, Katie Oldknow has made it a mission to prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in her boutique. "Fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good, knowing that your choices align with your values," Katie reflects.

Eco-friendly Selections: "I always strive to curate pieces that are produced with environmentally-conscious methods. From organic fabrics to low-impact dyes, we want our offerings to have a minimal ecological footprint."

Supporting Ethical Brands: "It's essential to us that the brands we collaborate with uphold fair labor practices. We have an obligation to ensure that our products aren't just stylish, but also produced without exploiting workers."

Circular Fashion Philosophy: "We're big proponents of the idea that fashion should be circular, not linear. We encourage our customers to think about the longevity of their purchases, invest in quality over quantity, and consider the afterlife of each garment."

Local Artisan Spotlight: Katie's eyes light up when discussing this initiative. "One of my proudest endeavors is showcasing local artisans and craftsmen in the store. It's a beautiful blend of fashion and art, and it reinforces our commitment to the local community."

Educating and Empowering: "Our responsibility doesn't end at curating sustainable pieces. We also aim to educate our patrons about the significance of their choices, empowering them to make informed decisions."

As the conversation on sustainability draws to a close, Katie reflects, "The beauty of ethical fashion is that it allows us to make a statement not just about our personal style, but about the kind of world we want to leave behind for future generations. Every purchase at Boutique on the Green is a step toward that brighter, more sustainable future."

10. A Look Ahead: The Future of Boutique on the Green and Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

As we wrapped up our enlightening conversation, it was time to gaze into the horizon and get Katie's take on what's next for Boutique on the Green and the broader fashion landscape for women over 40.

Embracing Digital Transformation: "While the heart and soul of Boutique on the Green will always be its brick-and-mortar presence in Manchester, we're actively exploring digital platforms to reach a broader audience. Our upcoming online store is an exciting step in that direction."

Personalization at its Best: "We're looking to leverage technology to offer personalized shopping experiences. Imagine getting style recommendations tailored precisely to your preferences and body type!"

Trend Forecast: Katie leaned in with enthusiasm. "For women over 40, I see a move towards timeless elegance mixed with a dash of contemporary boldness. Think classic silhouettes with a twist, vibrant patterns, and luxurious textures."

Collaborations and Pop-Ups: "We're in talks with several renowned designers and brands to host exclusive pop-ups and collaborate on limited-edition collections. It's a thrilling time for us and our patrons!"

Empowering Workshops: "Beyond selling clothes, we aim to be a hub for women over 40, where they can attend workshops on style, self-confidence, and even entrepreneurship."

Closing her thoughts on the future, Katie exudes optimism. "Fashion is an ever-evolving realm, and at Boutique on the Green, we're committed to evolving with it. More than anything, we want our space to be one where women over 40 feel celebrated, inspired, and empowered. Here's to many more years of style and substance!"

As we concluded the interview, it was evident that Boutique on the Green is not just a boutique - it's a beacon for women seeking a blend of style, authenticity, and purpose. With Katie Oldknow at the helm, the future certainly looks promising and stylish!

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